Environmental Services

Excel provides low-cost hazardous waste remediation technologies, as well as offering customers preliminary site assessments and remediation action plans.
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Site Assessment and Remediation

magglass_fpTo guide our customers projects from inception through permitting, construction, on-going maintenance, remediation and site closure, we provide all project requirements starting with a site assessment. ECEA prepares detailed work plans, conducts soil gas surveys and preliminary investigations consisting of drilling and logging borings, collecting, preparing and analyzing water and soil samples, installation of monitoring and extraction wells, and preparation of detailed report of results. Based on the preliminary findings, the site closure, risk based corrective action or complete site assessment will be pursued.

 If remedial actions are requested, ECEA will provide the client with a remedial or corrective action plan ready for submittal to the agencies. The plan will be based on site conditions and will include the proposed remedial actions, treatment process description and implementation schedule.

Hazardous Waste Remediation

respirator_fECEA provides low-cost and effective hazardous waste remediation technology for clients in both government and industry. We have the capability to assist in every phase of a hazardous waste cleanup effort, including periodic site and post-closure compliance monitoring, sampling, testing and reporting.

We consistently engineer reliable technologies that include vapor mitigation and extraction,Aggressive Fluid Vapor Recovery, air sparging, bioremediation, bioventing, incineration, soil washing, solidification and stabilization. Excel scientists and engineers are experts at interpreting environmental standards and developing appropriate, economical, permanent and legally defensible solutions for all types of hazardous waste problems.

Excel engineers and environmental scientists posses a wealth of experience in identifying and remediation of environmental problems. Some areas of expertise include: risk assessments, disposal site assessments, soil contamination assessments and remediation, ground water contamination assessments and remediation, RCRA facility investigations (RFI), solid waste management unit (SWMU) investigations, above and underground storage tank investigations and permit and regulatory compliance support.